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If you want a simple tool to create videos, try Virtualdub
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VirtualDub is a quick tool for capturing and processing video. It has become very popular in time because of its GNU license and its quick processing time. If you have a video capture device that is Windows compatible, you can use VirtualDub to make the capture. This program also allows you to clean and compress the video. It has several options like: Remove and replace audio tracks, different video and audio compression options, segment a video, adjust frame rates, among others. Now the program developer has launched version 1.9, which is a experimental version of the tool. You can have version 1.9 for 32 bits or in 64 bits (for AMD Athlon 64, AMD Athlon FX, AMD Opteron, and Intel Xeon EM64T CPUs) if you have the 64 version of Windows.
The new version brings faster processing times and it corrects some errors from the previous version, however this version also has the occasional bug when processing some video files.
If you are looking for a program to capture video, or to clean a video file that you just edited, give VirtualDub a try.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Fast and small freeware program


  • It still has to iron some issues
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