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VirtualDub is intended to help you capture and edit video
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VirtualDub can help you capture and edit video. This application is definitely not intended for beginners, but it is the kind of tool technophiles would usually love. When you use this application, you feel that you are technically in control of the results because you will not have to limit yourself to the options some developer has made available for you.
Technology lovers will be absolutely fond of the following features of the program: the use of fractional frame rates, the creation of AVI2 files larger than 2 Gb, real-time downsizing and noise reduction as well as access to hidden video formats supported by their video capture card. Moreover, those users are allowed to create and use their own filters.
If you need to clean up some video files, for instance in the case of excessive size, noise and unneeded parts, this may be the right application because it supports all that. You will possibly like the idea of being able to remove segments from a video and create a new one without recompressing. Additionally, this tool allows you to remove and replace audio tracks without changing the original video data, which avoids quality loss and saves a lot of time. You can use it to add multiple visual filters, such as blur, sharpen, emboss, flip and resize.
In general, VirtualDub is a very powerful pre- and post-processing video tool. A very simple example of what you can do with it is the following: it allows you to import a video clip, trim the unnecessary parts, eliminate some noise, change the frame size and create a new file. However, the features mentioned here are just a few among the huge amount of functions available from this application. This tool is open-source and supports the use of the command line, which gives it extra value for software developers. In addition, it is a standalone application, which means that, as it needs no installation, you can even use it from an external storage device. It has the main limitations of supporting only AVI as output format and the need to install codecs separately.

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  • It is very customizable.
  • It includes multiple options.
  • It is standalone


  • It is difficult to use.
  • Codecs need to be installed separately.
  • It support only AVI as an output format
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